Special needs education

Every child has the right to an education, and to have support during their school career when needed. With the nationwide implementation of the new requirements for special needs education (starting August 1st, 2014), every school has to provide students in need of extra support with a custom arrangement. The educational need of a student and their development perspectives are the points of focus: what does a student need, how can we organize the necessary support, and who do we need to do so? Within special needs education, there are three different arrangements.

  1. Intensive arrangement: students follow a special secondary educational program (VSO) at a separate location, like Kromme Rijn College. The VSO offers different arrangements suited to the support needs of the student
  2. Medium arrangement: Students receive additional guidance while following a regular educational program. An example would be the intermediate program OPDC Utrecht, or a special trajectory class within regular education.
  3. Basic arrangement: Students receive minimal extra guidance within a regular educational program.

Transfer from an intensive to a medium arrangement

Students at Kromme Rijn College leave school when they are on the verge of graduation. They transfer to an intermediate program, a medium arrangement. During this intermediate program, the student continues on his or her journey towards a diploma or entering into regular education. The classes contain more students and there is a more conventional approach.
In this way, we prepare students better for regular education which increases the certainty of a successful school career. We have made a clear agreement with all partner schools.

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