Our methods

Our key task is to guide students to regular (higher) education. Our education focuses on preparing students for the future; in knowledge, skills, and behaviour. We do so by teaching to small classes (approximately 7 students per class) with additional support, and by implementing extra structure. We look towards the ultimate goal, the perspective to enter regular secondary and/or higher education, but also at the intermediate goals we want to achieve.


Grouping our classes

Together with the parents/guardians and student, we work out a plan to better a student’s school performance by improving behaviour. When it appears that secondary education is out of the question and that it is in the students best interest to enter the work field instead, custom support and advice is offered. Classes are grouped together based on behaviour; internalization or externalization, types of education and needs in support. Consequently, a safe learning environment is formed. In addition, we look at grade and learning level.


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