We are a school for youth who, because of their behavioural issues, experience a delay in their education and in their journey to become a successful member of society. With our guidance, within a positive learning-, working- and living environment, students become aware of the possibility of solution and recovery. This leads to a change in their behaviour, giving them the perspective to, within three years, continue their education at the highest level possible, either VMBO, HAVO or MBO, at a school suited to their educational needs. Additionally, we equip students for the work field with or without a higher education. “This is what our school’s team represents!”

What do we believe in? With our students we honour and apply three values at Kromme Rijn College; responsibility, involvement and trust. These values are important to students and teachers when interacting, in the way we think, during interventions and when it comes to future-oriented learning. At school this means that: We solve problems and practice restorative justice, teaching a sense of duty to restore after making mistakes. In addition, all our subjects are taught using 21st century skills. The goal is to lessen the distance between our school and modern society.


We aim to maintain a predictable, human and material school environment, with structure in classes, days, weeks and periods, where teachers act in an authentic manner on a consistent basis. This starts with the use of Schoolwide Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) while incorporating 21st century skills to do our students justice. Digital 21st century skills like IT basics, media knowledge, information literacy and coding are increasingly becoming a part of our school environment.


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