Executive Board

Kromme Rijn College is a part of the Foundation of public Primairy Education, in Dutch Stichting openbaar Primair Onderwijs (SPO) Utrecht. SPO is the school board of all public primary education, the school for special primary education (Luc Stevensschool), the schools for special higher and-/or secondary education (Herderschêeschool, SO Fier and Kromme Rijn College) and the international schools located in Utrecht.


Contact details

Executive Board: Thea Meijer (chair) and Eric van Dorp

Secretary of the Board  and the Regulatory Council: Ellen Groten

Postal Address: Postbus 9315, 3506 GH Utrecht 

Physical Address:  Ortheliuslaan 871, 3528 BE Utrecht

Phone: +31 (0) 30 – 26 52 640

Email: info@spoutrecht.nl


For additional information: www.spoutrecht.nl


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