Development perspective plan (OPP)

In the Development Perspective Plan (OPP), the perspective for a student to enter regular (secondary/higher) education is written. In order to achieve this perspective, two types of factors are formulated. Promoting factors and hindering factors. In the OPP, the promoting factors a student can use are clearly defined. In addition, the OPP shows the amount of promoting factors needed to counterbalance the hindering factors. A student can use these positive factors to influence his or her Development Perspective. In the OPP behavioral- and learning objectives are set for the student on a pedagogical, didactic and organizational level. These objectives are known to the teachers.


The OPP is created by the mentor in agreement with the psychologist and/or the school’s special education generalist. Parents/guardians and the student are involved in the process. Furthermore, the goal of special need education: One child, one plan’ manifests itself. This means that all agreements with external (school) parties are included in the plan. The OPP is created for one school year and is signed by the student’s mentor, the student and parents/guardians. The advisory committee enforces the OPP at the start of the school year or trajectory (in case of intermediate intake students) and adapts the plan when needed during the school year.


Student follow cycle

The periodical student follow cycle (take a look at the image on the right) is a tool we use to evaluate a student’s progress five times a year. By means of this tool, we are able to follow the progress in behaviour and learning well. The conclusion is discussed with both parents/guardians and student, every Monday of the last week before a school break.


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