Cooperation partners

It is important that our school, parents, guardians and students work together, especially when a student needs extra support. At Kromme Rijn College, our competent employees collaborate with parents to figure out the best approach to supporting and teaching each student.

Collaboration with external parties within the school

We at Kromme Rijn College work with a variety of external parties in school whom all, in turn, work closely together. These parties are:

Accompanist of Special Needs Education

Kromme Rijn College has been appointed an accompanist of special needs education by the Cooperation Sterk VO ( Together with the student, parents/guardians and school, they asses the support needs of the student. They work closely together with our key partners in youth healthcare (in Dutch: JGZ), educational social worker and the Ministry of Education.

Social worker

The social worker serves as the connection between school and home. From her expertise, she has a lot of contact with authorities and/or parents/guardians. The school has agreed to use the social worker in a low-key manner. In reality, this means that the social worker will only join, for example, a parent meeting when requested by the mentor. In some cases, the social worker will have individual conversations with the students. The social worker is our link to the organization Save en Veilig thuis as well.

Ministry of Education

We work together with the Ministry of Education to prevent (unauthorized) absenteeism. We regularly discuss our absenteeism policy with the school attendance officer and in addition, mentors are in contact with the school attendance officer on an individual student level. In case of above average absenteeism, both parents and students are invited for a parent meeting with the school attendance officer.

Youth healthcare

Whenever there are questions concerning a student’s health, a youth healthcare physician is brought in. The physician holds a consultation on school grounds. The school nurse is only allowed to report to school after receiving parental consent. The feedback to the youth health care physician is up to the Advisory Committee. From the advisory committee, the remedial education generalist provides the mentor with the ‘appropriate’ information.

Collaboration with additional Utrecht authorities

Kromme Rijn College is a part of Collaboration Sterk VO. Schools in the region Utrecht work together to support students in secondary education. Additionally, Kromme Rijn College has contact with partnerships in the region, addiction care, the neighbourhood watch, Samen Veilig Midden Nederland (safe together Central the Netherlands) and more support authorities. Whenever the contact concerns a specific student, parents and/or guardians will be notified.


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